Clear Digital Wins Tech & Learning's Award of Excellence in Primary Education

Clear Digital's Evo Roll Series and Vue II have been awarded the 2023 Award of Excellence Winner in the Primary Education category.


Greenville, SC - February 2, 2024 — Clear Digital announced it has been named a winner in the Award of Excellence for 2023 in the Primary Education Category presented by Tech & Learning.



The Evo Roll Series has two fantastic models to choose from: the Evo Roll, perfect for indoor use, and the Evo Roll Pro, designed specifically for outdoor environments.

Discover the Evo Roll Series, offering two exceptional models tailored to your preferences: the Evo Roll, ideal for indoor use, and the Evo Roll Pro, specifically crafted for outdoor environments.

The Evo Roll boasts a sleek and compact design, delivering stunning Full HD displays that effortlessly captivate any indoor setting. With a built-in battery, users can enjoy up to 10 hours of usage. Running on the Android operating system, this model can be enhanced with the Sho Stick subscription, unlocking a host of fantastic features!

For those seeking a robust outdoor display, the Evo Roll Pro stands as a more element-resistant choice. Designed to conquer challenges, it is both impact and water-resistant. The resilient steel frame and puncture-resistant wheels ensure stability and easy transportation. Whether indoors or outdoors, our versatile Evo Roll series is committed to meeting all your messaging needs in a powerful and impactful way.

About the Evo Roll series, Tech & Learning Judges wrote: “This solution has the portability, stability, and software to meet the needs of a school environment. The weather resistant features of the Pro model only adds to its uses.”


The Clear Digital Vue II is a cutting-edge modular LED video wall system designed for captivating audiences and redefining visual impact. With seamless tiles ranging from 132” to 220”, Vue II eliminates bezels and offers a stunning display. Whether wall-mounted or stand-mounted, Vue II provides front-serviceable access for easy maintenance and is equipped with PixelGuardTM protection, making it resilient to scratches and impacts. Beyond its sleek design, Vue II transforms spaces into immersive learning hubs, transporting students to historical events or the depths of the ocean. The Vue II's PixelGuardTM technology ensures uninterrupted visual flow during emergencies, displaying crucial information in real-time.

In 2023, Vue II emerged as an innovative force in education, breaking traditional barriers and fostering inclusivity. It turned learning into an enthralling journey, encouraging collaboration, and reshaping the landscape of teaching. By addressing challenges in communication and engagement, Vue II becomes a vital tool for building a vibrant school community and instilling a lifelong love of learning. Tech & Learning Judges stated: “I like all of the features of this board. It has some very good use cases and appears to be very durable and manageable.”



The Clear Touch 6000A+ Panel series is an innovative educational technology that won the BIG Innovation Award. It is the first EDLA-certified panel and offers secure access to Google applications, enhancing the teaching process and prioritizing data safety. With 4K UHD resolution and immersive audio, it creates an engaging learning environment for all ages, fostering curiosity and creativity. The panel is customizable and can integrate an internal PC, adapting to different educational environments. The 6000A+ is ADA-compliant, inclusive, and has a sleek, sustainable design. Overall, it is an impressive educational tool.


To learn more about the Clear Digital Evo Roll Series , Clear Digital Vue II and Clear Touch 6000A+ Panel series and how they can optimize your space, schedule a free online demo today!

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