Alcohol may not fix all your problems, but since it kills many of the germs that can make you sick, it takes care of a pretty big one!

Hand Sanitizer

Necessary Solutions

Specially formulated to work with the Gel™ Sanitizer Station as well as third-party dispensers, Clear Digital’s exclusive hand sanitizer helps you ensure health safety is always in strong supply.


Hand Sanitizer




Effective Protection

Expert-approved & USA made

According to the WHO and CDC recommendations, alcohol-based hand sanitizer should contain at least 80% alcohol for optimal effectiveness. Every bottle of Gel liquid hand sanitizer takes protection a step further and meets the FDA recommended ethanol level of 80% by volume.

Flexible Purchasing

Order as needed or in advance. The choice is yours.

With our streamlined online ordering, buying your hand sanitizer is quick and convenient. It can also be customized. If you want to place a one-time order, we’ve got you covered. Prefer to set up an ongoing subscription (with no minimum commitments) for regular delivery? We can do that too.

Practical Packaging

When it comes to convenience,

we really deliver.

Don’t stress over installing awkward refill bags or replacing messy pumps. Our liquid sanitizer comes in one-gallon bottles, each with a handle to make the refill process clean and easy.

Sanitizer stations provide essential health protection, but they’re only effective if they’re full. Don’t risk running out — keep your dispensers filled with Gel liquid hand sanitizer!

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