Evo Lite

Meet your digital marketing partner. He never calls out sick and never takes days off, but works 24/7 to drive results. Now that’s a stand-up guy!

  • 480


    High Screen Brightness
  • 4800:1

    Contrast Ratio

    High Color & Picture Quality

Vivid Brilliance

01 / Communicating in Crystal Clarity

Clear Digital™ Evo displays deliver a stunning Full HD resolution display solution that ensures your message is communicated in vivid detail, brightness, and color.


Evo Lite Massive Screensize

Massive Screenspace

02 / Give Your Content the Entire Stage

Standing approximately 40 inches high and 16.5 inches wide, Evo displays are sure to capture your audience’s attention and communicate your message—even in a crowded space.


All Day Charge

  • 3/1

    3 Hours of Playtime Per Hour of Charge

Long-Lasting Battery Life

03 / Delivering Hours of Performance on a Single Charge

The onboard battery delivers up to 14 hours of charge at a time, or you can plug it in for worry-free continuous use.


Evo Lite Digital Display Simplicity

Pure Simplicity

04 / Powerful Technology without the Complexity

Our displays offer the perfect blend of digital capabilities and unrivaled ease of use. Simply connect a USB and you are up and running!

  • JPG

    Files Accepted

    Display Static Images in Full HD

Evo Lite Durability Water Resistant

Rugged Durability

05 / Quality Engineering Built to Last.

Impact and water-resistant—Clear Digital™ displays are designed to withstand whatever situation you throw them into, whether indoors or outdoors.


Evo Lite Mobility

Mobility. Empowered.

06 / Designed for Easy Setup, Transport, & Storage

The display’s sturdy steel frame ensures it does not move or tip when in place, while the ergonomic folding design and large puncture-resistant wheels make transporting and storing the display a breeze.


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