Meet your new teammate. Scoreboard is a powerful software-based presentation system for video-based scoreboard and sports broadcasting.

Go Big or Go Home!

Achieve a High (and Speedy) Return On Your Investment!

Grab the crowd’s attention by utilizing the unlimited, dynamic ad zones to achieve high ROI in a short period of time.

Keep Your Head
In The Game!

Utilize player profiles to give credit where it’s due and boost morale during the game. Scoreboard also supports multiple sports (including football, basketball, wrestling, hockey, soccer, volleyball, and more).

Flexible Formatting

Exercise Your
Creative Freedom.

With an easy to use interface, anyone from volunteers to students can use this software and it can be integrated into existing installations.

*Exclusively works with Mac but can be viewed from any device.*

Customizable Content

Catch Their Eye
& Hold Their Attention.

Pair Scoreboard with our Vue Video Wall featuring PixelGuard to get the full
experience at any event from gameday to graduation.

Let’s Make A Deal! Start using Scoreboard software for your next game and you’ll wonder how you’ve ever hosted an event without it!

Let's Get Started

Can the Scoreboard software integrate with your current hardware? Find out here.

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