Sho Software 1.7 Update

Clear Digital's Sho Software has exciting updates in the April 2024 release!

Sho 1.7 Update: Get Ready for Exciting New Features!

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Sho 1.7, packed with enhancements to make your Sho experience even better!

Interactive Feature Introduction (Part 1 of 2):

We’re introducing new interactive features in this update, stay tuned for part 2 for more details!

Media Animation Update (Part 2 of 3):

The way media is animated is getting an upgrade in Sho 1.7! This is part 2 of 3 updates on media improvements.

Sho Dashboard (Landing Page) Redesign - Dynamic iFrame:

Get ready for a fresh look for the Sho Dashboard landing page! The new design will include a dynamic iFrame to showcase future features like Template Packages.

User Interface Improvements and Updates:

We’re constantly refining the Sho interface to make it more user-friendly. Expect a number of improvements and updates in Sho 1.7.

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