Clear Digital Podium

The stage is yours. Stand tall. Lean in. Move around. However you choose to deliver your message, the Tok lets you say it in style.

Clear Touch Podium perspective shot

  • 250


    High Screen Brightness
  • LED


    High Color & Picture Quality

No ElectricianNeeded

01 /Battery-Powered Mobility

The Tok's wheeled base and integrated battery mean you won’t need to sidestep wires during your presentation. Feel more secure if you're strapped in? Can do. The sturdy base has built-in connections for more permanent power. Multiple speakers of different heights? No problem. The Tok height can be easily adjusted with whisper-quiet motorized controls.

clear digital podium presenter

Presentations Go Paperless

02 / Built-in PC Touch Screen

Traditional note cards are a thing of the past. With the Tok's built-in PC and interactive touch screen, you can upload your notes, access the web, or use your own software—all with digital ease.

Step Out of the Shadows

No Wires Attached

03 / Wireless Casting

We’ve all seen presenters step in front of the projector and cast a shadow on the screen. Don’t be that person. The Tok lets you wirelessly cast your presentation to the screen, eliminating those awkward moments and squinting apologies. As if the wireless casting wasn’t enough, you can also write and annotate directly on your screen thanks to the infinite whiteboard.

little things are a big deal

Little Things are a Big Deal

04 / Attention to Detail

Small details can be the difference between a good presentation and a great presentation. When it comes to the finer points of your speaking experience, our designers thought of everything—down to the two interactive pens that work with the built-in PC and a raised lip to hold old-school notes and papers, if that’s how you roll.

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