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There’s nothing worse than being at a crowded event or out of town conference and not knowing where to go or what to do. Where do I check-in? Where is the first session? Does the event have a website? What are the health and safety protocols? 

Fret no more, let our digital signage solutions do the work for you and answer all your important questions.

The Evo Roll is the perfect solution for an event where you need eye-catching signage that won’t get in the way. Designed to transport, the Evo has a sturdy steel frame, is weather-resistant and has large wheels, making it easy to move from place to place. Use the lockable wheels to secure the placement of your signage. The Evo can be customized to your specific needs, just upload your content using a USB drive.

In addition to signage needs, it is increasingly important to stay health-conscious at events, especially in-person events with large crowds. This is where the Gel Sanitizer Station comes into play. The Gel combines digital signage with sanitizing, allowing guests to stay informed and safe at the same time. Adding the Gel to your post-2020 event lineup is a no brainer. 

Still not convinced? See how seamlessly these products were integrated at the last event we sponsored.


The Evo Roll makes sure everyone gets where they’re going at events.



Don’t forget to sanitize before check-in by using the Gel, conveniently located near spaces with contact points.


The Evo and Gel are a dream marketing team and will ensure your events that need digital signage run successfully and smoothly. Find out more about Clear Digital products and solutions here.