Sanitized Content Takes on a Whole New Meaning.
Introducing Gel™, the new breakthrough messaging system that is equally as concerned with cleanliness as it is message delivery. Like a NYC bike messenger. Only digital.

Let's Take a Closer Look

Brilliant Display

Clear screen.
Clean hands.

With a brilliant 21.5-inch LED 1080p display, the Gel can display any content you desire, even from third parties or from your existing content hub.

  • 1080p


    Full HD Resolution
  • 21.5"


    Vivid non-touch
    LED Screen
  • 500


    High Screen Brightness
Large Sanitizer Reservoir

Days of sanitizer.
Not hours.

Sanitize hands from a large refillable reservoir of Clear Digital Gel Sanitizer, or use low viscosity gel or liquid hand sanitizer of your choosing. Get notified of low levels with bright red ambient light, or, be assured you have enough sanitizer when the light is green. You can even monitor levels remotely with our Sho Content Player subscription. 

Stand or Wall Mount

Versatility never
hung so well.

Forget wall art. With options that include wall-mounting or an optional stand to allow for any environment’s cleanest, clearest messaging to be delivered, the Gel is hands-down the leader.

Content Management

Manage content

The included Clear Digital Media Player allows for simple plug-and-play with your media. Connect wirelessly with a Sho Content Player CMS subscription or another third-party content management system that uses Android APK player software, and make the relevant updates and content changes on the go. 

Touch Free Dispenser

Touch nothing but
customers' needs.

The Gel uses a motion-activated, hands-free, pump-fed dispenser with no levers or push buttons to relieve any potential contamination. The ambient LED light is inviting and provides easy to locate area for inserting hands for sanitizer, and turns green when sanitizer will be dispensed.

The power is in your hands. It's time to transform the way you connect with your audience. The applications are endless!

Schools · Medical Facilities · Fitness Centers · Restaurants · Hotels · Theaters · Banks · Retail

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