The chosen one in digital signage. Packed with exclusive features and software options, stand above the rest with this new android integrated display.

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  • 400


    High Screen Brightness
  • 4000:1*


    Color & Picture Quality

*4000:1 contrast ratio on 55" | 1200:1 contrast ratio on 75"

Vivid Detail

Sharp Stunning Display

Clear Digital™ Nio displays deliver a stunning full 4K resolution display solution that ensures your message is communicated in vivid detail, brightness, and color. Available in 55" or 75" sizes.

Programmed for Intelligence

Android Integrated

Not just a simple USB media player, the NIO comes with an Android operating system.

Integrated Versatility

Unique Software Options

Cast up to nine devices with ease or remotely control your Nio. Our included, integrated software options provide endless possibilities.

  • JPG

    Files Accepted

    Display Static
    Images in Full HD
Stand Above

Mount Your Message

Set up your device and trust the process. Optimized for mounting on wall space.

Media Hungry

SHO Ready

Designed to work hand in hand with our SHO content management system, bundle the two for the perfect digital signage combination.

Now it’s time to transform the digital display industry. Coming along for the ride?

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