Clear Digital presents Sho, the cloud-based remote content management system that makes it easy to create stunning digital signage displays that connect with your audience. Even if you’ve never designed before — Sho will make you look like a pro.

It's Sho Time!

Effortless connection

Remote management
for remarkable content.

Want to update your messaging quickly and conveniently? Sho’s cloud-based software works seamlessly with Clear Digital products or third-party digital displays, allowing you to connect remotely and manage your digital display content directly from your computer’s web browser.


Flexible Formatting

Exercise your
creative freedom.

Whether your desired messaging calls for JPEG, PNG, video, office documents, and others, Sho offers a versatile platform that allows you to create striking digital displays designed for maximum impact. And with the ability to use Pixabay images, you can be sure that no matter the format, your content will be eye-catching.

  • JPEG


  • PNG


  • Video


  • Office


Customizable Content

Catch their eye
& hold their attention.

Need to get your message out quickly? Access pre-loaded, customizable templates designed specifically for your industry. Want personalized signage that stands out from the competition? Create your own designs from scratch or customize a template to be sure your branding stands out.

Outstanding Analytics

Manage more
than just content.

Sho makes it simple to monitor the device performance of Clear Digital products. View battery life on the Evo mobile digital signage, refresh your images on the Vue video wall, and monitor sanitizer levels on the Gel™ sanitizer station with LED display — all from Sho’s intuitive dashboard.

Impressive Integration

Enhance your display with powerful add-ons.

While Sho provides a robust set of content management tools, it also features optional add-ons and plugins that allow you to incorporate your favorite social media feeds and display strategic messages, graphics, or playlists based on calendar events, local weather, and more.

Capture people's attention. What you say when they're looking—that’s up to you. If you’re ready to take control of your messaging, it’s Sho time!

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