Larger-than-life presentations are impossible to ignore. It’s like they always say. Show, don’t tell. Make an impact. Go big or go home!

Let's see what's the big deal.

  • 38.5

    MM Depth

    Ultra Slim
  • 600


    High Screen Brightness
  • LED


    High Color & Picture
Bright & Bold

Make A Statement

Communicate your message in vivid color and wow your audience. Our all-new video wall features a high resolution LED display and adjustable brightness and contrast. Why whisper when you can say it out loud?

Seamless Experience

Say Goodbye to 'Interference'

The vivid picture quality is all you see on the Vue® II. No visible seams between tiles to interfere with the picture or distract your audience. Just a big, memorable viewing experience as far as the eye can see.

  • 138-220


    Three Screen Sizes
  • 38.5


    Slim Depth
Maintenance Made Easy

When Your Back's to the Wall

Mount on a Clear Digital™ stand or directly on the wall. The Vue® II offers front end access to make maintenance a breeze.

Cool Operator

Hot Technology That's Too Cool

The Vue® II is generating some heat in the market. The Vue® video wall features our new LED-protective
PixelGuard™, ideal for high traffic areas with increased contrast for a more seamless and defined image.

Service in Place

Swappable Tiles That Snap To

Our video wall is field serviceable thanks to easily removable “tiles” that click into place. Take individual
sections of the Vue® II out to repair or replace as needed. Each tile has auto-calibration and automatically
matches colors with the tiles next to it once reinstalled.



Crestron Module

 Vue® Video Wall 

Can the Scoreboard software integrate with your current hardware? Find out here.

RenewedVision's ProPresenter

Need a Stand? Look no further.


Let's brighten up the conversation. Are you ready to help people see the big picture?

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Why whisper when you can say it out loud?