Sho Software V2.0 Release Notes

Clear Digital's Sho Software has exciting updates with Sho V2.

Sho V2.0 Release Notes: Level Up Your Digital Signage

We're thrilled to announce the release of Sho V2.0, packed with enhancements to upgrade your Sho experience.

v2.0 30 May 2024

  • Added the ability to add a weather widget to pages when designing them in the playlist editor
  • Added the ability to add interactivity to elements on the page allowing the slideshow to switch to interactivity mode and allow the user to jump to different pages
  • Added the ability to add default content that can be accessed by all users of the product (Sho platform)
  • Added the ability to allow deleting any colors added by the user in the playlist editor
  • Added 3 new fonts that can be accessed in the playlist editor (more coming in a next release)
  • Added the ability to move several selected playlists to a folder
  • Updated the link that the dashboard shows the dynamic content from
  • Updated the Android app to include support for the newly added fonts
  • Improved the display of devices on the devices page by also showing the group they belong to if any
  • Improved playing of playlists especially when there would be only one page with text objects
  • Improved the move to option when organising playlists on the ‘My playlists’ page
  • Improved User Experience (UX) by making the previous folder name not be shown when moving media to a folder
  • Improved playlist organization by adding the move to folder option on the ‘My playlists’ page
  • Improved the playlist editor when working with background colors
  • Improved the search function on the playlist pages
  • Improved handling of using the same template on multiple pages in a playlist
  • Improved playing of playlists when assigned to a group of devices
  • Improved handling of background color updates when duplicating a page in the playlist editor
  • Improved UX around using the undo button after adding an image or a video
  • Improved the User Interface (UI) of the devices page
  • Improved handling of deleted users
  • Removed the legacy banner on the login screen
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements
  • Various maintenance updates to the code base

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